Learn to suit up properly and everything else follows


Whether you're an office guy who needs to look sharp for the competition, or a creative type who dresses up because he likes to, the suit is the basic building block of looking good. It's a timeless, ever adaptable, sometimes maligned, but never improved uniform. Consider the roots of that word: uni, as in a universally good idea to save your ass from the danger of too much choice; form, as in the opposite of formless, sloppy, or unfocused. We'll get to the specifics of lapel widths and armholes and vents and how to do it right, but let's first agree that this is where dressing like a man begins. Get the basics down and then you can lose yourself in perfecting the details—what the ever dapper Tom Wolfe once approvingly called the sartorial "mania for marginal differences." And that's when things get interesting.


At Salvatore Di Fransica, we stock the following fabrics:

  • 1. Record Bale (Vicuna)
    2. Zenith (Lotus Flower)
    3. Extra Fine Wools
    4. Summer Flannels

The suit styles on offer are:

  • 1. Meeting style
    2. Fashion Style (fitting)
    3. 2 Button coats
    4. Double Breasted coats